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   Otavalo Market, where we buy most of our products

We are a British/Ecuadorian family and all crafts on this site have been brought directly from the artisans in the Ecuadorian Mountains. This ensures that the crafters receive the best price for there labours and preserves a cultural art thousands of years old.

Fair trade and ethnically traded

Fair trade is where the trader ensures that all the products sold are made with the proviso that the employers give a reasonable wage and no children are used to make their products. A problem with some fair trade systems is that when an item is mass produced in a third world country what could be considered a reasonable wage is the "going rate" for menial work. This could be very low and not really a living wage.

Ethnically traded is when the product is brought directly from ethnic artisans that produce the product with no middleman, the products are not mass produced and are hand made using the skills of the culture. This ensures that ethnic communities receive 100% of the economic benefits for their products. This sort of trading can financially transform an ethnic community. All our products are ethnically traded.
                                               Ecuadorian lady selling her wall hangings on her street stall

Designs and colours
As all our crafts are genuinely hand-made and original products, designs may differ from the photographs. We would like to send you the exact item you want so if there is a specific design or colour you would like please do not hesitate to ring or e-mail us first. Alternatively, if you live in or near Cambridgeshire you can come and see us at the crafts markets below.
You can also find us every Saturday in the market square of the beautiful historic town of Ely, Cambridgeshire; or every Sunday in the City of Cambridge in the Market Square.

Iain & Kelly Ramsbottom 
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